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REISSUE of the iconic second Dale Cooper Quartet full length from 2011 - new black on black artwork!

The bizarre Dark Jazz cabaret has opened again. This is the 2nd full length of the sophisticated experimental collective from France will be released.

Métamanoir sees the band shift from their smooth, minimal and instrumental landscapes on the debut record Parole De Navarre to a more lively and rich sound. Always based upon improvisation and sound research, the solo parts of their music are now embodied by vocals.

The Quartet invited several musicians and singers to record, giving a phantomatic sound with oboe, clarinet, whitewashed drones popping out of the songs. The sheer chants of Zalie Bellacicco – who appeared on the debut album - the deep tone of Ronan Mac Erlaine and the crystal-clear voice of Gaëlle Kerrien (Yann Tiersen's singer on his last Mute album) interlaces with the still dark jazz of the band.

Always influenced by classic 50s cool jazz and the more contemporary noise and experimental styles, the Quartet and his guests built a dreamy card castle who swing and grow deeply rooted in fierce strangeness of David Lynch movies.

Métamanoir has been recorded in their native Britanny country, deep west of France, a land swept by climatic inconstancy fed by wind, rain and mystery. A place which gives the music an overwhelming but beautiful darkness.

2xLP comes in a thick matte gatefold cover and includes a free mp3 download, 180g vinyl. CD is packed in a thick cardboard cover + a thick printed inner sleeve.

The Dale Cooper Quartet: Metamanoir

Une Petit Cellier The Dale Cooper Quartet 5'24''
Eux Exquis Acrostole The Dale Cooper Quartet 11'15''
Ma Insaisissable Abri The Dale Cooper Quartet 5'37''
Sa Prodigieux Hermitage The Dale Cooper Quartet 35''
Le Implacable Gentilhommiere The Dale Cooper Quartet 7'45''
Elle Agreable Rendez-Vouz De Chasse The Dale Cooper Quartet 5'35''
Mon Tragique Chartreuse The Dale Cooper Quartet 12'53''
La Terrible Palais The Dale Cooper Quartet 5'58''
Il Melodieux Manoir The Dale Cooper Quartet 5'07''

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