The Fire Harvest

Singing, Dancing, Drinking

Sinnbus SR061CD
  • LP: Includes download, Incl. printed inner Sleeve, translucent red Vinyl
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Even though The Fire Harvest was already founded roughly ten years ago, it wasn't until 2012 when the first release saw the light of day. By then the solo project of former We vs Death singer/drummer Gerben Houwer had transformed into a full band line up.

After the disbanding of other musical projects and multiple tours with Belgian rock veterans Reiziger and Canadian songwriter Michael Feuerstack the band evolved from a side project to a priority.

During the Dutch heatwave of july 2015, while the Tour de France was passing through the streets of Utrecht, the band locked themselves into the studio with country artist/producer Daniel Romano and recording engineer Kenneth Meehan. Eight songs were recorded in three days.

This May, these 42 minutes of songs will see the light of day as their first full length album, which will go by the name of "Singing, Dancing, Drinking". Objectively described as: "withheld song­oriented music which finds it's balance somewhere in between slowcore and alt country."

The Fire Harvest: Singing, Dancing, Drinking

Working Man The Fire Harvest
The Patient The Fire Harvest
Singers The Fire Harvest
Sorry For The Mess The Fire Harvest
Runner The Fire Harvest
Simple Solutions The Fire Harvest
Flowers The Fire Harvest
Empire Watertree The Fire Harvest

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