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One of the rarer records of the mythical Strata East albums is finally reissued for the first time on Heavenly Sweetness! The recording of Earth Blossom, the JOHN BETSCH SOCIETY’s one and only album, seems something of an enigma nowadays. For even though Nashville is clearly one of the towns in the US with the highest number of recording studios, who would have thought that the capital of country music would give birth to one of the forgotten masterpieces of 1970s spiritual jazz. The album, recorded in one day and in one take, also bears the hallmark of their generation’s psychedelic experiences, and in the themes and playing of the musicians we can hear a less violent form of music than the radical free jazz of New York or Chicago. Nature and environmental themes are the inspiration behind tracks touched by the spirit of Coltrane but also of Flower Power.

The John Betsch Society: Earth Blossom

Ode to Ethiopia The John Betsch Society
Earth Blossom The John Betsch Society
Open Pastures The John Betsch Society
Song for an Untitled Lady The John Betsch Society
Ra The John Betsch Society
Darling Gloria The John Betsch Society
Get Up and Go The John Betsch Society

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