The Quasi Dub Development

Little Twister vs. Stiff Neck

Pingipung PP40LP
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The Quasi Dub Development (QDD) has been founded as a collective four years ago by Luca Fadda and F.S. Blumm. After “Limousine To The Guillotine” (2011) comes now their new album. The QDD love Dub, obviously, but they play it by hand with their many instruments and effects, instead of working in the studio along the classic post production methods of the genre. Their friendly, handmade „Quasi Dub“ is at the same time experimental and accessible. This sound has convinced nobody else than of the pioneers of the Dub genre, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, to make an appearance in “Let's Communicate”.
The name of the album is initiated from two comic characters, that are meant as an ironic comment to the narrowness of the Dub scene: “Stiff-Neck” stands for the intolerant side of the reggae music scene. For him, the music has to stay as it always was, with big egos and always the same off beats. The “Little-Twister” is a lateral thinker who likes to make things happen with a considerable amount of humor. No question about who is going to win that battle for the Quasi Dub Development!
Following Little Twister's approach, the band works as an open, modular project: Luca Fadda acts as an electrified trumpet player in New York, runs a club in big apple and organizes the yearly ESE Festival for electronic music. The Berlin based guitar player F.S. Blumm just recently released his eighth solo album "Up Up and Astray" on Pingipung. He mainly plucks the sub bass for the QDD. Besides contributions from Victor Rice and Sub Atomic Sound System, several Drummers (e.g. Sven Kacirek), and Jason Candler as brass section, it is mainly the outstanding vocals that strike the listener on this album. Next to Lee Perry the Grande Dame of Dance Hall, Lady Ann, toasts on even three tracks.
The feature of Mr. Lee Perry ties loose ends for Pingipung, pointing back to the very beginnings of the label. Back in 2002, Pingipung01 included an ode to Lee Perry by Peter Presto. He played an utterly charming version of his favourite Lee Perry hook line, memorized by ear. A “Quasi Lee Perry”, and the Dub Development brings him in for real.

The Quasi Dub Development: Little Twister vs. Stiff Neck

Zebroid Z The Quasi Dub Development 2'51''
Press Pass (feat. Lady Ann) The Quasi Dub Development 3'25''
Vau Wau Bau The Quasi Dub Development 2'55''
Weh Weh Wonder The Quasi Dub Development 2'38''
Let's Communicate (feat. Lee 'Scratch Perry) The Quasi Dub Development 3'41''
Shaky Steak The Quasi Dub Development 3'20''
Snake Squeezer The Quasi Dub Development 3'14''
Walk The Money (feat. Lady Ann) The Quasi Dub Development 3'13''
Yak Attack The Quasi Dub Development 3'26''
Tschaka Tschaka The Quasi Dub Development 3'21''
Wolf Wolf (feat. Lady Ann) The Quasi Dub Development 3'17''
Zebroid Z Dub The Quasi Dub Development 3'04''

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