The Sea and Cake

The Moonlight Butterfly

Thrill Jockey Thrill 278-CD
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The Moonlight Butterfly is back on vinyl. Pressed on color vinyl for the first time (gold!) and packaged with an artworked inner sleeve and free download coupon.

The Moonlight Butterfly has the core elements of the utterly unique Sea and Cake sound, while introducing a more experimental approach to the song’s textures and structures. The songs are more extended in form and cinematic in feel. The band’s singular guitar-based pop sound is filtered though pattern based ideas that slowly morph the linear into the modal. The album is filled with extended instrumental passages that bear the markers of Prekop’s recent solo explorations of analog synthesizers. The song “Inn Keeping”, for example, focuses on the synthesizer as the main armature of the song, a constant to play with and against.

The Sea and Cake: The Moonlight Butterfly

Covers The Sea and Cake 5'05''
Lyric The Sea and Cake 5'33''
The Moonlight Butterfly The Sea and Cake 4'05''
Up on the North Shore The Sea and Cake 3'59''
Inn Keeping The Sea and Cake 10'24''
Monday The Sea and Cake 4'16''

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