The Soundcarriers


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The word psychedelic is bandied around pretty freely, but The Soundcarriers are the real deal. The debut album from this Nottingham-based band is psychedelic in the less well-trodden way: jazz-influenced, free-thinking and utterly spaced out.

Harmonium was recorded over a long period of time and self-produced by the band in their own studio using entirely analogue equipment, “because it reacts like an instrument would to being played, so there's that element of chance and some evidence of human interaction.” The unorthodox techniques of David Axelrod and Phil Spector were a constant source of inspiration, and the band employed their full arsenal of equipment, from harps and organs to flutes, recorders, stylophones and chimes.

The Soundcarriers: Harmonium

Intro The Soundcarriers 51''
Time Will Come The Soundcarriers 4'45''
Uncertainty The Soundcarriers 5'37''
Caught By The Sun The Soundcarriers 3'41''
Calling Me The Soundcarriers 4'07''
Calling Me Reprise The Soundcarriers 1'14''
Volcano The Soundcarriers 4'23''
Been Out To Sea The Soundcarriers 4'07''
Without Sound The Soundcarriers 3'35''
Without Sound Part Ii The Soundcarriers 2'02''
Cannonball The Soundcarriers 5'02''
Let It Ride The Soundcarriers 5'54''
Falling For You The Soundcarriers 4'11''
Glide The Soundcarriers 5'46''
On That Line The Soundcarriers 5'53''
Harmonium The Soundcarriers 3'43''

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