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William Gibson’s prophetic sci-fi novel Neuromancer inspires Mumdance, Logos and Shapednoise to sensational new heights on their 2nd EP in The Sprawl trilogy for The Death of Rave. The trio’s EP2 is all about “Data Flow”, or the relay of information between software, hardware and its human agents, triangulating The Sprawl as biologic semiconductors in a quantum network of emerging AI consciousness, parsing their corrupted memory flashbacks of physical ecstasy, excess and synaptic muscle memory into premonitory visions of future hardcore rave.

Arriving at the project’s midway point, equidistant to futures past and the singularity, the trio’s 2nd cybernetic merger generates pivotal plot twists and an expanded palette of styles in flux between virulent mutations of noise torque, hardcore techno and sci-fi cinematic memes. Across its four tracks, each producer’s recognisable characteristics are strategically subsumed, consolidated to an inseparable, if fractious, energy that describes and manifests the themes and energies of William Gibson’s prescient cyberpunk fiction in hyperstitious form.

The A-side picks up directly from EP1 with the synaesthetically-enhanced sensations of Burning Chrome, titled in reference to one of Gibson’s first short stories set in the fictional dimension of The Sprawl - the first to coin the word “cyberspace” - with a turbulent roil of bruxist shockwaves unpredictably punctuated by lush pads, before the cyberpunk terror of Black I.C.E. hacks into the nervous system with visceral, arrhythmic dynamic.

On the B-side, the story really shifts up a gear or five with X System, a breathlessly brutal 150bpm techno assault that sounds like late ‘90s Dutch rave or NYC bunker techno dialled in via faulty ISDN connection, which makes for a steep contrast with the shocking emotive pathos of the EP closer Online Seance, where the trio fulminate a transcendent vision of cinematic synth noise redolent of Leyland Kirby’s Intrigue & Stuff series, but with a vicious digital edge and serontonin-frying euphoria of their own imagineering.

This is the sound of The Sprawl really coming into their own as a thrilling, innovative, and boundary-probing prospect within the noise techno nexus.

The Sprawl: E.P.2

Burning Chrome The Sprawl
Black I.C.E. The Sprawl
X System The Sprawl
Online Seance The Sprawl

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