Thee Oh Sees

The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

Tomlab Tom117
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"This music, these people... offer nothing but proof that songs... and sound for that matter... can play us as instruments."
- Dave Sitek, recording engineer and member of TV on the Radio

Somewhere beyond nostalgia, beyond the garage, somewhere beyond the fireside song and supposed goo-rock, you will find the latest incarnation of Thee Oh Sees, now a quartet composed of John Dwyer (OCS, Coachwhips, Pink & Brown), Brigid Dawson, Petey Dammit!, and Mike Shoun. The prolific John Dwyer contends again for best album of his career with The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, out April 8, 2008 on Tomlab/Castle-Face. Following 2007's understated and unjustly ignored Sucks Blood, The Master's Bedroom weaves Dwyer's signature AM radio howl with the catchiest of driving tunes, Dawson's gorgeous harmonies, heightened fidelity, thick spring-reverbed bombast, mighty drums (at times in pairs), and an undeniable pull.

The tracks were recorded by Chris Woodhouse in San Francisco except three which were done with Chris Moore and Dave Sitek in New York City. From the introductory wailing feeback of "Block Of Ice" to the heavy-footed trudge of "You Will See This Dog Before You Die," you will be captivated. The Master's Bedroom is undeniable.

Thee Oh Sees: The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In

Block Of Ice Thee Oh Sees 2'14''
Visit Colonel Thee Oh Sees 3'32''
Grease 2 Thee Oh Sees 2'47''
Ghost In The Trees Thee Oh Sees 2'14''
Two Drummers Disappear Thee Oh Sees 3'58''
Graveyard Drug Party Thee Oh Sees 3'50''
The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In Thee Oh Sees 2'25''
Grease Thee Oh Sees 3'10''
Adult Acid Thee Oh Sees 2'54''
The Coconut Thee Oh Sees 3'10''
Maria Stacks Thee Oh Sees 2'17''
Poison Finger Thee Oh Sees 3'08''
You Will See This Dog Before You Die Thee Oh Sees 4'08''
Quadrospazzed Thee Oh Sees 5'03''
Koka Kola Jingle Thee Oh Sees 1'16''

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