This Year's Model

We Walk Like Ghosts

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We Walk Like Ghosts is the second album by Swedish guitar pop group This Year's Model, following their debut The Clock Strikes Ten (2007). Like its predecessor, We Walk Like Ghosts is filled with jangly guitars and strong melodies. This time however, in keeping with its ghostly theme, a certain sense of melancholy is felt throughout the album - the scorned lover's complaint in 'The Librarian' and the wistful tale of impeding danger in 'A Whisper
Around The Town' are just two examples.
The group also incorporated supernatural sounds into the songs - like the ghostly melody of 'The Spectre Begins' or the strangely haunting drumming in 'It Spells' where the snare's actually played with the fingers on the reverse side. The album was produced by This Year's Model in the harsh and cold winter of 2009/10 when it just wouldn't stop snowing. It was then mastered by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden, father of the legendary Hamburger Schule.

This Year's Model: We Walk Like Ghosts

No Miracles This Year'S Model 3'40''
A Whisper Around The Town This Year'S Model 3'14''
You Don't Have To Report To Me This Year'S Model 3'41''
The Librarian This Year'S Model 3'11''
I Swear I Was There This Year'S Model 3'19''
If You Would Take Me Out Tonight This Year'S Model 2'41''
The Lost Days Of My Life This Year'S Model 3'00''
Millionaires This Year'S Model 3'33''
It Spells… This Year'S Model 3'08''
Your Boyfriend Has Run Into Trouble This Year'S Model 3'06''
Publisher's Son This Year'S Model 4'01''
The Spectre Begins This Year'S Model 45''
We Walk Like Ghosts This Year'S Model 2'31''

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