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Arcology follows in the free-form footwork of RYAN MCRHYHEW aka THUG ENHANCER's debut album Death After Life. A narrative of an imagined alien colony existing between the fabric of known / unknown worlds, Arcology explores high tech / low life society, mechanical structures, and data-driven humanity built for clubs and alien chambers. McRyhew did not sculpt Arcology’s universe alone. OLIVER CHAPOY (CERTAIN CREATUES, BLACK RAIN) worked on the final mixes to elevate Arcology’s mix out of the isolation inherent to the home recording processes. Another crucial partner in creating the Arcology universe is MILTON MELVIN CROISSANT III. MMCIII designed Arcology’s artwork, live visuals and forthcoming video pieces, the offspring of an expansive collaboration and a lifelong friendship between the two Coloradans. Arcology scores a VR addict’s routine or a sleepless night in a still-suit, a suite of anthems for the sci-fi lover and dystopian dreamer.

Thug Entrancer: Arcology

ROM Thug Entrancer
Ghostless M.S. Thug Entrancer
Arrakis Thug Entrancer
Low-Life Thug Entrancer
Terrain Thug Entrancer
R nin Thug Entrancer
Arcology Thug Entrancer
Exo-Memory Thug Entrancer
Curaga Thug Entrancer
Tight Lean (Perispirit Mix) Thug Entrancer
VR-Urge Thug Entrancer
Bronze Thug Entrancer
Wage Mage III Thug Entrancer
Xeno Thug Entrancer

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