Across Six Leap Years

City Slang SLANG50055LP
  • LP: Includes download, 180 gr Vinyl
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Tindersticks wanted to mark their 20th anniversary in some way, to connect their history with what they have become. After much discussion of how to achieve that they entered the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road in April 2013 recorded "Across Six Leap Years", their 10th studio album; 10 new versions of songs from throughout their history. Across the years some songs were “lost along the way”. For one reason or another they never became how they were imagined to be in their recorded form…until now. Across six leap years brings together these previously unrealised tracks as part celebration, part reinvention.

Tindersticks: Across Six Leap Years

Friday Night Tindersticks
Marseilles Sunshine Tindersticks
She's Gone Tindersticks
Dying Slowly Tindersticks
If You're Looking For A Way Out Tindersticks
Say Goodbye To The City Tindersticks
Sleepy Song Tindersticks
A Night In Tindersticks
I Know That Loving Tindersticks
What Are You Fighting For Tindersticks

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