Tom Boogizm

Posh People Make Me Ill

Ono ONO5313
  • LP : Ltd. to 300 copies, individual screenprinted and painted artwork on old vinyl sleeves
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Ono presents local lad Tom Boogizm’s Posh People Make Me Ill. Boogizm is well loved for his outlandish, diverse DJ sets, recent NTS shows and friendly character. His first vinyl record explores a unified sound that takes influences from downbeat, post punk, hip-hop and even Brazilian sounds ...

B2 was named by DJ and friend Jon K, who described the track as Punishing when played out on big sound systems. A4 Sebokeng is titled after a township Boogizm visited on his 2015 DJ tour of South Africa. A3 ECM is taken from his first Ono release I Can’t Sleep Because My Mind Won’t Switch Off.

All music was recorded in Moss Side directly to Tascam 488 & Roland VS1680. Equipment used: SP404, Casio RZ1, RolandR70, Microkorg, Alesis Micron, Fender Carbonita Guitar, Alesis Quadreverb.

Tom Boogizm: Posh People Make Me Ill

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