Cut The Plans

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In 1998, Torchous arose from the indie scene of Berlin. They played a lot of shows all over the country, joining forces with bands like sensefield, cable car theory, kvlr, slowride, pale, pleasure forever, sometree, delbo and das zuckende vakuum. In 2001 they released the EP "Rock, Beat, Break". The debut album "Cut The Plans" having been recorded under the direction of Berlin producer Anton K. Feist.

Torchous: Cut The Plans

Into Torchous 3'01''
Straight Story Torchous 5'30''
Center Torchous 5'25''
Ideala Torchous 5'17''
Parys Torchous 5'58''
Forensik Torchous 5'17''
Din Torchous 5'37''
Atrophy Torchous 5'35''
Sneak Torchous 7'33''
Neus Torchous 5'28''

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