Torn Hawk

Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

Mexican Summer MEX 201
  • LP : Includes Download, Embossed Cover Artwork
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Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time is the most recent statement from Torn Hawk aka producer and video artist Luke Wyatt. It's difficult to neatly categorize Wyatt's genre-refracting productions. The nuts & bolts are built from live guitar, drum machines, junky synths, and layers of samples which are smeared into a cohesive whole. Wyatt's guitar moves between the meditations of Manuel Göttsching, the jangle-grid of The Chameleons, and the saturation of Medicine. Throw in the melodrama of a sax on a Don Henley hit, and you get a better idea of Torn Hawk's playfully sincere sensibility.

Layered confections of glitzy retro-sheen ripples and blurry guitar shimmers invoking everything from Pink Floyd to U2, Mike Oldfield to Underworld. (Uncut)

Wyatt uses his typically garbled sonic style to convey a pure, starry-eyed wonder. Despite a ton of fascinating material in his catalog, it has long felt like Wyatt was in search of a breakthrough. Well it’s here, in all its dazzling, beautiful glory. His relationship with sincerity may be new, but this massive statement of purpose tells me Wyatt’s found a keeper. (Stereogum)

Torn Hawk: Let's Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

I'm Flexible Torn Hawk
She Happens Torn Hawk
Afterprom Torn Hawk
Return to the Pec Deck Torn Hawk
Acceptance Speech Torn Hawk
Because of M.A.S.K. Torn Hawk
Under Wolf Rule Torn Hawk
There Was a Time Torn Hawk

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