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TRANSPARENT ILLUSION was the brainchild of Roy Young (a pseudonym), hailing from Haverhill, Suffolk, UK. Equipped with just one synthesiser and a drum kit, he entered Octopus Studios, located in Stowupland, Suffolk, and run by Dave Hoser, in 1980/81 to record the ultimate minimal electronic music album. Roy’s music is nothing but rather unique, there were not many bands around that created a similar sound, except maybe for Neural Circus that are coming to mind. Once again, Roy is a pristine example that limitation can be the perfect source for a massive amount of creativity: the rather raw sound is based solely on his Korg MS-10 synthesiser which was monophonic, of course. Anyway, Roy seemed to have a great imagination as even though the tracks are mostly very short they are far from being poor in textures, with brilliant analogue synth sounds all through (bass, monophonic lead synths, effects, synthetic percussion). Engineer Dave Hoser is said to have helped in the performance, thus it can be concluded that, as a team at least, they truly mastered the MS-10. While the lyrics are a testimony of an angst-ridden teenager living in the Thatcherian-Britain-Cold War era (“This cage is barred – I’m trapped inside”, “I just recede – I dream I’m you”, “Dead bodies decaying – all over the town”, “There’s no way out of this nightmare”), the music, to some surprise, is coming up with many uplifting moments in terms of unexpected melodic parts. So, over the recent years, some people have described “Still Human” as being the ‘Holy Grail’ of minimal electronic music, while others say it is totally overrated. From own experience, it can be said that the album needs its time and a good amount of attention to be understood. Also, to be frank, it must not really be classified at all, as - as mentioned above - it is rather an unique electronic music album, that simply has been too much unavailable for too long in an official form. The original vinyl album “Still Human” and the single “Vortex” were released on Roy’s own label Vex Records but only a few copies managed to sell. TRANSPARENT ILLUSION and Vex Records then vanished into obscurity, but the album and single were remembered by a select few. The value of these rare records continued to rise and over the last years four-digit prices were asked and paid if ever a copy had popped up. People not only tried hard to find those records, many also tried hard to track down the mysterious Roy Young. Nobody managed to succeed – until one day in 2009. It wasn’t an overnight success – and that’s why Anna Logue Records refer to the ‘Holy Grail’ in terms of the true quest that was undertaken to find Roy – but Jochen Lange had persevered for more than two years. Public directories and government records were thoroughly checked and letters were sent …
… and received when finally the TRANSPARENT ILLUSION materialized: the highly anticipated letter from Roy himself! The quest was over, the myth became a reality. The result of this chain of events is now in your hands.

The album has been carefully remastered from an original vinyl copy by Stefan Bornhorst (aka The Silicon Scientist). Two original demo recordings from 1980 have been added: “Concepts” and “Vortex”, which were taken off the original master tape by courtesy of Nicolas Delbarre and Dave Hoser. The artwork was accurately adapted from the original album by Steve Lippert.

Transparent Illusion: Still Human

Sections Transparent Illusion 2'14''
Incubus Transparent Illusion 2'26''
Nuclear Release Transparent Illusion 3'02''
Killing Time Transparent Illusion 3'19''
The Age Of Ridicule Transparent Illusion 2'06''
Malice Way Transparent Illusion 2'52''
Demented Transparent Illusion 2'21''
The Human Cage (Still Human) Transparent Illusion 2'59''
We Transparent Illusion 2'59''
I Dream I'm You Transparent Illusion 2'36''
Is There Hope Transparent Illusion 2'37''
Vortex Transparent Illusion 3'30''
Concepts (1980 Demo) Transparent Illusion 4'23''
Vortex (1980 Demo) Transparent Illusion 3'07''

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