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NYC’s Adam X regains his ‘floor traction as Traversable Wormhole with a contrasting slab of pounding and rolling techno truckers for Hospital Productions.

Offering his first new Traversable Wormhole productions in well over four years, it’s a far more amped X than we last heard on his sluggish, sewer-dwelling ADMX-1 album, Coherent Abstractions for L.I.E.S. in 2015.

Sublight Velocities aims for the jugular up top, squaring off a bruising tattoo of militant kicks packing elephantine recoil while plasmic black drones stoically deplete the spirit, leaving us feeling like a gurning nub and the last person standing in the warehouse.

The coldly hypnotic Semiclassical Gravity rolls off the bone on the B-side, accentuating the groove’s elliptical, rolling chassis with acidic subbass rubs and stepping hi-hat patterns seemingly dispersing the other side’s lactic build up and steeling the dancer for what’s to come.

Traversable Wormhole: Sublight Velocities

Sublight Velocities Traversable Wormhole
Semiclassical Gravity Traversable Wormhole

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