Tujiko Noriko

From Tokyo To Naiagara

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Mixing capriciousness with prettiness and outright experimentalism in a manner gently reminiscent of avant-pop genius Haco, Tujiko Noriko's introduction to the world at large was one of the most astonishing of the last years. Maybe second-best behind Björk (the Icelandic elfin pop-princess is probably a better comparative form-guide than the Mego reference) and alongside the mysterious turns and deturns of Cologne based Niobe.

For her solo albums on Mego Tujiko Noriko has worked at fusing digital sounds into pop-song forms, but not as some quaint modernist exercise, rather as some raw, enveloping, loving artistic craft. Now much more confident vocally, she assumes a profoundly expressive position as a singer and is much closer to pop music than ever before.

Tujiko Noriko forges an awkward musical beauty that sets her apart from the no-fun out-electro underground, or shiny/happy Japanese pop-kids, or any other measuring sticks that fail to measure up. She - like Haco or Björk - is off in her own distant musical world. And it's now going to come to you.

A natural born pop artist as Nico or Vincent Gallo? Future should tell pretty soon!

"From Tokyo to Naiagara" was produced by Aki Onda, a hyperactive and hypertalented musical wunderkind, working as a musician, composer and producer. He introduced elements that were not present in Tujiko Norikos previous releases: more quiet athmospheres and acoustic sounds ("Zipper", "Robot Hero"), more beats, sometimes almost hip hop oriented structures ("Narita Made", "Toyko Tower"). On top of that Tujiko Noriko puts her "Rocket Hanabi" song with lyrics that tell a story so beautiful, so unexpected and so sad at the same time that we can only recommend it as our favourite from the album.

But watch out! This girl cries for no one! English translation of lyrics included.

Tujiko Noriko: From Tokyo To Naiagara

Narita Made Tujiko Noriko 5'06''
Zipper Tujiko Noriko 6'56''
Rocket Hanabi Tujiko Noriko 7'10''
Mugen Kyuukou Tujiko Noriko 6'05''
Kiminotamen Tujiko Noriko 5'17''
Tokyo Tujiko Noriko 5'12''
Toyko Tower Tujiko Noriko 4'32''
Robot Hero Tujiko Noriko 8'28''

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