Field Recordings From Alternate Realities

Sahel Sounds SS000LP
  • LP : 32 page Booklet on heavy Paper
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Ethnographic documentation of a fictional Bamako where Abubakari II discovered America. Musical recordings of future manding, bamako nu-wave, hip hop visionaries, and the sounds of an imagined geography. Includes 32 page booklet of photographs. Collaboration between photographer Maciek Pozoga and musicologist Christopher Kirkley, and a number of Bamako’s artists, ethnologists, musicians, and designers. Soundtrack for the exhibition "Uchronia : The Unequivocal Interpretation of Reality."

Uchronia: Field Recordings From Alternate Realities

Amplified Balafon Uchronia
Shoes Vendors, Central Market Uchronia
Digital Sampler, Rhythm Variation Uchronia
Musical Street Prophet Uchronia
Balani Compositions, Rhythm Box Uchronia
Homemade Instrument, Bike Cable Uchronia
Bambara Affirmations, Relaxtion Cassette Uchronia
Neba Solo, Taxi Radio Uchronia
Art School Musicians Uchronia
Oudin Coil Streetlamp Uchronia
Radio Intermission, Kora Uchronia
Song For Mansa Abu Bakr II, Oumou Biabate Uchronia
Gospel Rock Band Shine Uchronia
Video Game Music, Streetside Uchronia
Parade For Mansa Abu Bakr II Celebration Uchronia
Traditional Curatives Vendor Uchronia
Takamba With Modular Synth Uchronia
Percussion Game, Horses Uchronia
Electronic Talking Drum, Tamanin Uchronia
Balafon & Calabash Improvisation Uchronia
Riverside Field Recording Uchronia
Malinke Song, Clarinet Uchronia

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