Guilty Of Love

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Spearheaded by renowned producer/crate-digger David Holmes, the three-piece features contributions from film and TV composer Keefus Ciancia, and vocalist Jade Vincent.
The trio first crossed paths in Los Angeles, and a little of that city's faded glamour sits in their music. Influenced by 60s girl group, classic cinema and more, new EP 'Guilty Of Love' is a sumptuous document, full of mysterious dark corners and gleaming edges.

Unloved: Guilty Of Love

Guilty Of Love Unloved
After Dinner Unloved
Damned Unloved
Cry Baby Cry Unloved
When A Woman Is Around Unloved
Xpectations Unloved
This Is The Time Unloved
The Ground Unloved
I Could Tell You But I'd Have To Kill Unloved
We Are Unloved Unloved
Silvery Moon Unloved
Forever Unloved Unloved

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