Useless Eaters

Relaxing Death

Castle Face CF 078 CD
  • LP: Includes download
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Castle Face Records has got fresh new jitters from Useless Eaters: a new batch called Relaxing Death! Relaxing it is not - sleepless synths and serrated drum machine loops populate their sharp-edged, futuristic sound. Nightmare punks on a hallucinatory run through empty streets; angry and intense, tightly wound and razor sync’d. Up to no good. It knocks like it’s cut with something nasty.

Useless Eaters: Relaxing Death

Industrial Park Useless Eaters
Moist Cuts Useless Eaters
Motorway Useless Eaters
Tip Of The Valley Useless Eaters
Cold Machine Useless Eaters
Hogs In The Bush Useless Eaters
Electrical Outlet Useless Eaters
HUMAN Waste Drug Useless Eaters
Relaxing Death Useless Eaters
Walls Useless Eaters
Bunker Useless Eaters
Goodnight To The Thieves Useless Eaters

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