Star Alliance

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In 2015, Varg released a box of six MC's called 'Star Alliance'. This 2LP features the best works plus some new tracks, alls atmospheric, dubby, slightly acidic tracks: ""Star Alliance" has tracks of spacious acid standing next to heavy industrial rhythms, piercing abstract modular synth work, beautiful soundscapes, piano pieces and field recordings. And while the techniques, qualities and styles differ with almost every track, they stand perfectly together and shape a beautiful narrative."

Varg: Star Alliance

Name Signs & New Hands, Old Cars Varg
Corinthia Skin (part 1 - Artist Dinner & Sparkling Wine) Varg
Red Lights Venue, Midnight Varg
Stroboscopic Observations On Ecstasy Varg
The Eyes Of An Excellent Lover Varg
Cardinal Lipstick, Matching Toenails Varg
Under Beige Nylon Varg
White & Yellow, Powdered Drugs Varg
Silk & Steel Varg
Luxury Bubbles, Unscented Lubricant (With Vanity Productions) Varg
Corinthia Skin (part 2 - PPV & Room-Service) Varg
Lobby Leisure Varg
Turbulence Complimentary Wi-Fi Varg
The City Where I Used To Live & Love Stockholm Varg
The Color Of Saffon Opium Varg
Lavender Halter See Through Showers Of The Standard Varg

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