Various Artists

Decadubs 4

Hyperdub HDB087
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4th part of Hyperdub's Birthday Compilation Vinyl series (counterpart to Hyberdub 10.3 - Cd compilation).These are ambient, often beatless pieces. A collection of interludes, sketches, built around some extensive excoursions. The Vinyl features the new and exclusive tracks. By far the most enchanting part of the series. We recommend this. Happy Birthday.

Kode9 - Pink Sham Pain Down the Drain (3:20)
The Bug - Siren (4:59)
Dean Blunt - Urban (2:53)
Cooly G - Mind (1:54)
Inga Copeland - I Am Your Ambient Wide (2:57)
Lee Gamble - Dsm (3:38)
Fatima Al Qadiri - Shanxi (3:36)
Ikonika - Time/Speed (3:45)
DJ Earl - Hexgonic Sound (1:45)
DVA - Reach the Devil (4:22)
Jeremy Greenspan & Borys - Gage (7:58)

Various Artists: Decadubs 4

Pink Sham Pain Down the Drain Various Artists
Siren Various Artists
Urban Various Artists
Mind Various Artists
I Am Your Ambient Wife Various Artists
Dsm Various Artists
Shanxi Various Artists
Time Speed Various Artists
Hexgonic Sound Various Artists
Reach the Devil Various Artists
Gage Various Artists

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