Various Artists

Decadubs 5

Hyperdub HDB088
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The vinyl-only double-pack companion to Hyperdub 10.4. Featuring the previously unreleased track 'Lambeth' by Burial.

A1. Burial - Lambeth A2. Kode9 - Oh
B. Cooly G - Love Again
C1. DVA - Monophonic Nightmare
C2. Martyn - Mega Drive Generation (Dorian Concept Remix)
D1. Cooly G - Him Da Biz
D2. Funkystepz - Vice Versa

Various Artists: Decadubs 5

Burial - Lambeth Various Artists
Cooly G - Him da Biz Various Artists
Funkystepz - Vice Versa Various Artists
Kode9 - Oh Various Artists
Martyn - Mega Drive Generation (Dorian Concept Remix) Various Artists
DVA - Monophonic Nightmare Various Artists
Cooly G - Love Again Various Artists

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