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Klockworks 20.1

Klockworks KW20-1
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Perfectionist comprehensive Techno compilation: Ben Klock has overseen a compilation of new music for his Klockworks label, the 20th release on Klockworks, which launched in 2006.

Klockworks 20 has one new track from Ben Klock, titled "Twenty," as well as tunes from well-known techno artists Etapp Kyle, Sterac, DVS1, Dax J, Heiko Laux and the late Trevino, in addition to a batch of newcomers. The compilation is available on vinyl across three double EPs.

Various Artists: Klockworks 20.1

Etapp Kyle - Essay Various Artists
Jon Hester - Let's Go Various Artists
Adam Craft - Aphite 49 Various Artists
Sterac - Lately Various Artists
Ben Klock - Twenty Various Artists
DVS1 - In the Middle Various Artists
Trevino - Sombre Tones Various Artists

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