Various Artists

Lost Train Blues

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  • LP: Incl. 16 Page Booklet
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Lost Train Blues features 22 selections from the vast holdings of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, 13 of them have never been issued before. The record includes work songs, ballads, blues, political and union songs, guitar, banjo and fiddle music and Native American vocal music. These recordings were made between 1933 and 1950 and represent the birth of the folk music collections at the Library of Congress, now the largest repository of folk and enthographic holdings in the world. The record demonstrates the groundbreaking work of Alan Lomax and his father John Lomax, but also places them with the context of other important early field workers. The deluxe record includes liner notes by Alan Lomax archive curator NATHAN SALSBURG, as well as a 14-page booklet with photographs and original research about each song, artist and folklorist. The cover features an original lithograph by artist JEFF TOCCI. Each selection has been retransferred from original discs and tapes at the Library of Congress and has been carefully remastered by sound engineer DON FIERRO making for the best possible audio fidelity.

Various Artists: Lost Train Blues

Clyde Kingfish Smith - WPA Song Various Artists
Jesse Wadley - Longest Train I Ever Saw (with John Wadley, Will Jones & Felix Davenport) Various Artists
Dawson Henson - The Moonshiner Various Artists
Wilson Stavin Chain Jones - Stavin' Chain Various Artists
Jesse Morris - Unfortunate Dog Or Stony Point Various Artists
Carl Lathrop - Leather Breeches Various Artists
Fred Perry & Glenn Carver - Lost Train Blues Various Artists
James Blind Jim Howard - The Hard-Working Miner (Only A Miner) Various Artists
Jesse Wadley - St James Infirmary Various Artists
Ruby & Oliver Hughes - Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley Various Artists
Helen Luella & Juanita Hallmark - Cherokee Christian Hymn Various Artists
Boys Chorus Of The Santa Fe Indian School - My One-Eyed Ford Various Artists
Camp Morris & Group - Captain Haney Blues Various Artists
James Sneed, JF Duffey & Alvin Sanders - Southern Rag Various Artists
Elmo & Bill Newcomer - Turkey In The Straw Various Artists
Elmo Newcomer - Rye Whiskey Various Artists
Hattie Ellis & Jack Ramsey - Desert Blues Various Artists
Rowena Knight, Mary Anne Knight, Thelma Hawthorne & Jerusha Hawthorne - Hard Times Various Artists
Tillman Cadle - I Don't Want Your Millions Mister Various Artists
JW Russell - Battle In The Horseshoe Various Artists
Hammer Clarence Banks, Bob Bentley, Charlie Blake, Harold Vosburg - Travelin' To That New Buryin' Ground Various Artists
Buster Buzz Ezell - Roosevelt & Hitler Various Artists

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