Various Artists

Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo

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"As to strategy, we learned in the struggle; some people think that we adopted a foreign method, or something like this. Our principle is that each people have to create its own struggle. Naturally, we have something to learn from the experience that can be adapted to the real situation of the country. But we bettered our struggle in the culture of our people, in the realities of our country, historical, economical, cultural, etc, and we developed the struggle, supported by our people which is the first and main condition: the support of the people."

Amílcar Cabral, interview to Cameron Duodu/Radio-Ghana at Accra, 1973

Various Artists: Mambos Levis D'Outro Mundo

Intro Ludhiana DJ Nunex & DJ Famifox 4'51''
Moments DJ Cirofox 4'14''
Dor Do Koto DJ Lycox 2'17''
Dorme Bem (feat. Deejay Ary) DJ Danifox 1'30''
Deep House DJ TL 2'30''
La Party DJ Lilocox 3'26''
Swaramgami DJ Marfox 4'20''
Tungada Rija DJ Firmeza 3'14''
Hora Do FL K30 3'10''
Alexandrino Niagara 4'01''
Festive Nídia 3'23''
Lua DJ Nigga Fox 3'00''
What Percusion Dadifox 3'51''
Tarraxeí No Box Babaz Fox & DJ Bebedera 3'33''
Ruba Soldja DJ Maboku 2'52''
Tempo Do Xakazulu DJ Safari 3'25''
Domingo De Paz Puto Anderson 2'25''
Não Queiras Ser Puto Márcio 3'08''
Cabrito DJ NinOo & DJ Wayne 2'40''
Estilo Underground Puto Adriano 1'37''
Lunga Lunga DJ Nervoso 3'43''
Penso Em Ti DJ Adifox 2'27''
Melodias Rádicas Blacksea Não Maya 2'46''
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