Various Artists

Moonshine Volume 1

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Six fabulous collaborations between all the pop artists from the Born Bad stable: Dorian Pimpernel, Forever Pavot, and Julien Gasc (with an appearance from Chassol). French artist Julien Gasc, a member of the band Aquaserge, has previously collaborated with artists such as Stereolab, April March, Katerine, and Bertrand Burgalat. French "moonshine pop" band Dorian Pimpernel are inspired by alchemical treatises, Ennio Morricone, The Pretty Things, The United States Of America, library and film music, and much more. Forever Pavot is led by French songwriter Emile Sornin, who develops his compositions with techniques akin to those of French film composer François de Roubaix—dreaming his songs, fiddling with them track by track, stacking up sound upon sound... think Alain Goraguer / Jean-Claude Vannier / Serge Gainsbourg circa Melody Nelson / Sebastien Tellier.

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