Various Artists

Music For Hairy Scary Monsters - Iceland 2007

Sound Of A Handshake shake 004-cd
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Various Artists: Music For Hairy Scary Monsters - Iceland 2007

Aldrei (Feat. Jens Lekmann (Iceland Version)) Benni Hemm Hemm 3'56''
Skvavars (Rainy Version) Benni Hemm Hemm 2'40''
Ice Bear The Go Find 2'33''
Perfume V The Go Find 2'29''
Re-spring My Sing Reverse (Isan´s Iceland Version) Múm 5'56''
Singing Bowl Isan 4'50''
I Sing I Swim (Iceland Version) Seabear 3'40''
Lost Watch (Iceland Version) Seabear 4'56''
Dia Tarwater 2'18''
The Place Tarwater 4'05''

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