Various Artists

Pingipung Plays: The Piano

Pingipung PP06
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This is the first part of the release-series which makes an acoustic instrument the centre of Electronica-compositions. Pingipung chose the piano, this famous wooden box, which on the one hand provides a long history of very different styles of music and which on the other hand serves today as a template for the many interfaces used for digital music production. Take a look at any music studio, it always shows a piano-keyboard as a control-device - so let's listen to what this keyboard was originally made for: Lawrence and Coloma evoke melancholy hooklines; Egobird, Peter Presto and Robert and Lippok & Barbara Morgenstern use the Piano as a striking soft ornament in their songs. Springintgut exploits recordings of piano-concerts; Hauschka, Nils Frahm and Adam Butler explore the sounds of the entire instrument with their microphones. And there are many more...

Various Artists: Pingipung Plays: The Piano

Two Minutes In August Lawrence 1'59''
Durton Nils Frahm 3'57''
Pomp And Circumstance Mister Tingle 4'26''
1979VA Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok 3'52''
Red Pencil Hauschka 4'09''
Flechten Grabuk 6'00''
How Funny I Am Peter Presto 2'03''
Toy's Life Petit Nuage 3'36''
Dancing Angus DJ Nalesniki 4'45''
Backpedal Coloma 2'57''
Semuintern Guido Möbius 3'22''
Empty Day Egobird 3'19''
Mond Stein Vertrauen Spinning Tap 4'48''
Ode To Mouldy Cottage Cheese Lawrence 3'04''
Im Wind Florian Grote 3'21''
Canvas Springintgut 3'35''
Vermillion Adam Butler 7'37''
Three Difficult Words Thaddi 6'18''

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