Various Artists

Sie Hat Schenkel Wie Godzilla (OST)

Kernkrach Hertz038
  • LP: Ltd. to 300 copies, 180 gr Blue/Black Marbled vinyl, incl. DinA1 poster
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Germany's Kernkrach come through with an utter surprise for their latest dug out. We had no idea the original score for the first Godzilla movie so damn good. In fact, this sounds extraordinarily contemporary for something which was conjured in the '50s and by a whole range of artists nonetheless! There is a little bit of everything in here, from techno sensibilities, to Aphexian synth deviances and even subtle swirls of noise. Be sure to check this one, it's a doozy!

A1 – Sütterlin - Godzilla Comes To Town 3:08
A2 – Two Minute Warning - Agent Orange Dance 3:27
A3 – ((Pressures)) - Vapour 3:20
A4 – Error 144 - Genetic Drift 5:42
A5 – Delos - Transsex 3:31
A6 – Ruble Gang - Heartbeat 3:25
B1 – Shibuya Station / Silicon Scientist, The / Poeme Electronique - Danse Dans Les Grottes 4:22
B2 – Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf - Godzilla Frisst Ne Valium 3:35
B3 – Dada Pogrom - New Galactic Code 3:42
B4 – ImiAFan - Arie 3:02
B5 – Merci La Nuit - Hard Time 3:01
B6 – Poeme Electronique - Stargazer 4:47

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