Various Artists

Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound 2012 - 2015

Soul Jazz Records SJRCD307
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Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound 2012-15 is here to historicize the most recent past of afrofuturism.

CD1 contains tracks that have been released on Soul Jazz's Sounds Of The Universe sublabel's Art + Sound series, CD2 features new, unreleased cuts from the likes of DJ Stingray, Mike Huckaby, Golden Teacher and more.

01. Hieroglyphic Being - Shikaakwa
02. Tevo Howard - Summer Romance
03. Kassem Mosse - Staat Aus Glas
04. Andrés - Ribena
05. Blludd Relations - Cold Like The Baron
06. AYBEE – Return To The Underground
07. Heatsick – Snakes & Ladders
08. Tenderlonious – Caramel

01. DJ Stingray - Cytokines
02. Mike Huckaby - Circles
03. Seven Davis Jr - Come And Go
04. Golden Teacher - Maladroit
05. Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Rare Love
06. Africans With Mainframes – Vibrations From The Serengeti II
07. Capracara – Hard Ticket To Hawaii
08. Lord Tusk - Average Cats
09. Ras G - Deep Space Nine
10. Ras G - Gloom Steez
11. Ras G - Taste This

Various Artists: Sounds Of The Universe: Art + Sound 2012 - 2015

Shikaakwa Various Artists
Summer Romance Various Artists
Staat Aus Glas Various Artists
Ribena Various Artists
Cold Like the Baron Various Artists
Return to the Underground Various Artists
Snakes & Ladders Various Artists
Caramel Various Artists
Cytokines Various Artists
Circles Various Artists
Come and Go Various Artists
Maladroit Various Artists
Rare Love Various Artists
Vibrations from the Serengeti II Various Artists
Hard Ticket to Hawaii Various Artists
Average Cats Various Artists
Deep Space Nine Various Artists
Gloom Steez Various Artists
Taste This Various Artists

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