Various Artists

Time Will Make A Change

Mississippi Records MRP 013
  • LP+7": Old School Tip-On Cover
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A heavy compilation of hard to find Gospel 7-inches. A meditation on mortality and the meaning of life. Side A features some fairly lo-fi but intense & emotional performances. Side B gets even more lo-fi, but also a bit more rocking. Mostly guitar based ensembles and solo performers with the occasional sparse organ & drums. Artists include MIRA JEAN CLEAR, REV. R. HENDERSON, THE WHIRLWINDS, IKE GORDON, BISHOP MCDANIELS, and many more. . Comes with a bonus 7inch featuring the amazing ETHEL PROFFIT on guitar & vocals performing "Death Is Not The End" & "Life Is A Battle!” One of our best compilations ever and not for the faint of heart.

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