Various Artists

Void Transcripts

Parachute PAR004
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Void Transcripts is the first soundscape collection compiled by Parachute. Comprised entirely of meditative and hypnotic experiments in found sounds, modular synth work and guitar tones, it steers away from the label's previous output to show a new, adventurous side we are looking forward to explore more of in the future. Artists featured include At Vilander, Blue Mountain Club, D1T1, Dead Heat and House ov Leaves. The compilation is due to be released in June on 10" vinyl and digital formats, with beautiful photography by Alison Scarpulla

Various Artists: Void Transcripts

House Ov Leaves - A Safe Haven From The Problems Of The Real World Various Artists
Blue Mountain Club - He Has Plans For You Various Artists
At Vilander - The Subliminal Sense Of Absorption Various Artists
Dead Heat - Dedication Various Artists
D1T1 - 001 Various Artists

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