Hargawaan Por Shail

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With hard-to-define instruments Varkenshond creates ritual and tribal madness in the vein of early Silvester Anfang and Zero Kama. Varkenshond was founded in 2006 in Antwerp, Belgium while the to-be members were studying Maggergergorian spiritual philosophy with Wim Vanaeghe, Thomas “Gergeti” Kreuzfeld and Koera Mönggüm Sorgan.

They released a cd in 2007, the result of a series of therapeutic music sessions led by G. Karkaronga, and a cassette in 2013, a selection of songs and meditations recorded with local musicians in Brasil, Belarus, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia and Russia.

Their new album Hargawaan Por Shail is a collaboration with animal communicator, flute player and percussionist Yori Yoki. It consist of Támoldut and Maggergorian vocal and instrumental traditional music from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. The album includes the first recording ever of the instrument "Life Hooter" and an atmospheric electric version of Qéfelni."

Varkenshond: Hargawaan Por Shail

Kanta Pitsi Varkenshond
Yabane Nempela Longaye Varkenshond
Bapado Mahihkos (doopceremonie in de Ki'ixhe) Varkenshond
Egrakkan Pakut Qéfelni Varkenshond
Phopa Phajrra Varkenshond
Liyaanse Olifantendans Varkenshond
Tamoldoetse Teraardebestelling Varkenshond
Krildig Kleg Jetsj Varkenshond