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Berlin sequencer THOMAS PAHL aka VERTICAL67 pitches his latest sheaf of sim city nostalgia acid away from the lovers lanes of his last SILK sides, Soulmates, towards a new nocturnal dome. Faded neon, concave rubber basslines, fluorescent synths, and Roland rhythm patterns interweave across expanses of spheric interior space—an Aura pervades. The EP’s 5 pieces patrol different perimeters, evoking various shades of windswept, moon-burned, ecstatic, restless states of mind. Pahl’s interests in electronic textures spill over into his ambient work as THE COLOURED CHAOS, a fixation with fluidity, weightlessness, lasers fluttering between microchips, an android’s haunted thoughts. Interface and inter-place. Features a remix of zero gravity poolside theme “Invisible Presence” by OCTO OCTA. Mastered by ERIC HANSON.

Vertical67: Aura

Aura Vertical67
Lunatic Vertical67
Heatwaves Vertical67
Nightflight Vertical67
Invisible Presence Vertical67
Invisible Presence (Octo Octa Remix) Vertical67

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