Virile Games

Wounded Laurel

Hospital Productions HOS-391-LP
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Hospital Productions return with their first release of the year, a heavy 30-minute session of layered drone and tormented, bass-heavy bombast from Max Gudmunson’s Virile Games project, now available on vinyl for the first time after a sold-out micro edition of cassettes in 2013.
Operating somewhere between his label-mate Lussuria’s gothic ambience, the ear-bleaching concre`te of Helm, and the more blown-out cinematic visions of Leyland Kirby, ‘Wounded Laurel’ oscillates between sublime and wretched with a gripping night-time narrative.
Opener ‘Death And Rebirth Of Adonis’ sets the scene with a distant arrangement of what sounds like strings recorded straight to tape before the sodden expanse of rumbling bass and tangled percussion in ‘Nailed To The Living Heart...’ gives way to a metronomic series of heavy, rumbling bass-drops that recalls Pan Sonic at their heaviest - think of 1999’s incredible ‘Voima’ for a reference point.
‘Firmament’ allows some light in with a beautiful passage of wilting strings, before ‘Steel Church’ brings to mind the fragmented percussive treatments of recent material by Nate Young.

Virile Games: Wounded Laurel

Death And Rebirth Of Adonis Virile Games
Nailed To The Living Heart Of Heaven Virile Games
Firmament Virile Games
Virile Games-Military Saints I Virile Games
Steel Church Virile Games
Virile Games-Military Saints II Virile Games

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