Virtual Forest

Ritual Machine Music

Yerevan Tapes YER019
  • LP: Ltd. to 250 copies, black Vinyl
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Those of you who follow Yerevan Tapes releases won't be unaware of Marco Bernacchia’s mystic solo project. After his Unconscious Cognition is the Processing of Perception tape debut, the man behind VIRTUAL FOREST is back with a two new long jams this time deservedly pressed on wax.

Recorded at home sampling sounds and chants from the world tribes, Ritual Machine Music begets 30 minutes worth of music intended to be patrimony of the world community.

Mixed by Marco Bernacchia himself and fellow Maurizio Abate and mastered by Italian experimental guru Giuseppe Ielasi, the album features cover artwork by Manuel Scano.

Virtual Forest: Ritual Machine Music

The Angel of the Abyss and the Door through the Underworld Virtual Forest
The Twenty Thousand Drums of the Shamanic Conspiracy Virtual Forest

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