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VON SPAR is a four piece pop group from Cologne, Germany who have already released several 12”s and two highly acclaimed albums on label such as Output, Tomlab and L’age D’or. For their new single "HyBoLT" (Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition), VON SPAR draw inspiration from the Krautrock of the 1970s and take their love of experimentation to the dance floor with a real disco happening, all refracted psychedelic colour and fluid dreams. Musically, VON SPAR's policy of ecstasy has produced a brilliant piece of prog-disco, one that tells of cosmic pop science and combines Can's spirit of discovery with the dance-floor instinct of Giorgio Moroder. But the result is no sentimental reconstruction of musical styles of the past; instead, "HyBoLT" is a contemporary amalgam from the musical molecular kitchen. As guest and remixer for their new single, VON SPAR invited Norwegian new-disco king PRINS THOMAS (Full Pupp, Internasjonal, Oslo) on board. In his interpretation, Afro-disco percussion meets the melodic grace and dreaminess of La Düsseldorf. On a journey lasting almost 14 minutes, PRINS THOMAS leads the music through a broad spectrum of aesthetic and stylistic positions and combines them into an electrifying whole: an intoxicated disco trip. The new single "HyBoLT" also serves as a first peek into VON SPAR's new album, whose release has been announced for 2010.

Von Spar: HyBoLT

HyBoLT (Original Version) Von Spar 8'42''
HyBoLT (Prins Thomas 213 Miks) Von Spar 13'39''

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