Drag City DC673LP
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The music of Plum focuses teeming, dense, at times wildly multichromatic sounds into Wand-äs most deliberate statement to date, with a long evening's shadow of loss and longing hovering above the proceedings. Plum delicately locates the band's tangent of escape from the warm and comfortable shallows of genre anachronism, an eyes-closed, mouth-open leap toward a more free-associative and contemporary pastiche of logic that more honestly reflects the ravenous musical omnivorousness of the five people who wrote and played it.

Wand: Plum

Setting Wand
Plum Wand
Bee Karma Wand
CDG Wand
High Rise Wand
White Cat Wand
The Trap Wand
Ginger Wand
Blue Cloud Wand
Driving Wand