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after finishing their second album with __radio magenta, henry ok and andi kurz decided to leave the world of high standard indietronics and to take a trip into ambient. while working on the material for the project called "washer, zimmer" it became clearer every day that the result won't be a classic ambient piece. there are many ambient-like spheres, but the dense arrangements also contain lots of noise-electronica and complex beat and rhythm structures hardly to recognize as such. so beauty giving destruction of sounds is an important topic on the whole record. by inviting florian doelzer and matthias neuefeind of fonoda "the guitar people" came into play. several basses and guitars give the tracks more structure to hold on to and turn them slightly into songs and … the typical fonoda harmonies fit perfectly into the basic electronic tracks.the final result is a collection of spherical concepted tracks with repetitive pop elements somewhere between markus pop's >so< and >labradford< ..... ah, and not to forget: as cool as judas priest in 1976.

Washer, Zimmer & The Guitar People: Eat Your Friends

Tv Ghosts Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 4'44''
Song Recording Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 9'12''
Random Interests Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 3'43''
Useless User Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 5'51''
Nameless Dogs Gravity Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 6'35''
Temporary Questions Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 4'10''
On-going Problems Passing By Passing By Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 4'50''
Why We Travel Washer Zimmer & The Guitar People 6'35''

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