We Vs. Death

A Black House, A Coloured Home

Sinnbus SR035
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Gloomy and grim, yet precise and orderly, We Vs. Death don't waste their time on needless gimmicks. Focusing on the essential, the band creates a dark but complex image on their second album. Inconspicuous at first, but full of plain and forceful elegance upon a closer look. Casually, they invigorate so called post rock, adding nothing less than life and actual relevance. Stirring miniatures made from guitars and massive drums, an unhurried trumpet and vocals - a new addition on this album - telling about confidence within desponding, the light within the sadness.

We Vs. Death don't have to prove anything to anyone, least of all to themselves. Here is a band that toured half the world, that knows about its own qualities: writing and playing music, music of a touching candidness, of matter and of unmistakable beauty. Music like a home. You are now the sun.

We Vs. Death: A Black House, A Coloured Home

The Things You Did We Vs. Death 5'23''
Hands We Vs. Death 4'08''
The Sun We Vs. Death 5'48''
Mirage We Vs. Death 4'51''
Collection Of Stones We Vs. Death 3'23''
Black Map We Vs. Death 4'42''
Golden Medals We Vs. Death 4'23''

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