White Ring

Hey Hey, My My + Felt U

Handmade Birds HB-WLS021
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While musically, White Ring is far removed from being anything close to a rock band, the intention to have an original spirit and push things forward- much like Neil Young and Kurt Cobain- is very much present. This is light + beauty. This is White Ring arranging and recording their very first cover song- a crushing rendition of Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My". Backing this is the song most requested at live shows, "Felt U", which, despite being their most popular track, has never been officially released on an album.

Edition: 180 gram, 45 rpm, 250 copies worldwide. This is the second installment in our ultra limited White Label Series. One of the loudest piece of vinyl you could slam on the deck. Unmarked white labels, white dust sleeves, black jackets with image of a shrine to Cobain created by K. Malia herself.

“…from Malia's voice to the sound effects (creaking doors, gunshots) on down; by the time it dissolves into high-pitched staccato moans, you don't know whether to nod your head or hide under the covers.” -Pitchfork

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