Shrimper SHR 188 MC
  • MC: Cassette Store Day 2016: Incl. fold-out J-Card uniquely hand-painted
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All songs written by Christopher Payne. Recorded in Pomona, Portland, Hollywood, and Echo Park between 2009 and 2016. Elaine Carey plays singing saw on "Howl" and Jessica Catron plays cello and sings on "Weary Eyes". All other sounds by C. Payne. Mastered by John Thill. Artwork by Dennis Callaci.

Whitman: Forgettings

Shined Brighter Whitman
Die Alone Whitman
Howl Whitman
Before I Met You Whitman
Walking Dead Whitman
Teeth In Whitman
If I Had A Pony Whitman
Weary Eyes Whitman

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