The Early Whitney EP

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Picking up where WHY?’s well-received Oaklandazulasylum left off, the Early Whitney EP maintains WHY?’s unique, off kilter, dirty-drum, digital, dark folk constructed with samplers, guitars, keyboard and all kinds of found sounds. Over unique song structures WHY? delivers pretty melodies and catchy, sing-songy half-raps. The record starts out with the hair-raising title track (initially released on Oaklandazulasylum) “Early Whitney,” a sad song about all things being mortal. The rest of the side continues with a similar feel and theme. Just as original and sweet as his melodies are why’s words. The tracks on Side A are introspective, moody and lonely dissections of the human condition, with memorable lines like “you should whistle when you walk past a graveyard and hide your face in your trench coat collar” on “Ladyfingers,” whereas Side B is more topical with songs like “Darla,” a whimsical vegan anthem of sorts, starring a hen named “Darla.” “Me On Beer” ponderings class-ism, and “The Crest” brings it all back home.

Why?: The Early Whitney EP

Early Whitney Why? 4'03''
Ladyfingerz Why? 3'19''
Point Blank Why? 2'23''
Darla Why? 3'07''
Me On Beer Why? 1'45''
The Crest Why? 5'32''
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