Wicked Witch

Chaos: 1978-86

EM Records EM1080LP
  • LP: 2015 Repress, incl. printed inner sleeve
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2013 repress, now with 4C printed inner sleeve including alot of scarce artist photos and images!
First-time ever reissue of rare evil psycho machine-funk from '80s Washington, D.C., including previously-unreleased mixes. Now is not the time to doubt your senses - the Wicked Witch does exist. Born and raised in the musical magical cauldron of Washington D.C., Wicked Witch combines elements from alchemical mentors Parliament Funkadelic, Sun Ra, ESG, Run DMC, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix to cast a crazed spell on the innocent listener. An evil mass of machine-funk with lashings of rhythm and blues and fusion delivered direct from the heart of the Witch, a misunderstood psycho-genius weaving his solo web deep within the dark studio walls.

Wicked Witch: Chaos: 1978-86

Fancy Dancer Wicked Witch 5'32''
Erratic Behaviour Wicked Witch 5'37''
X Rated Wicked Witch 3'57''
Vera's Back Wicked Witch 12'05''
Electric War (Instrumental) Wicked Witch 4'20''
Electric War (Vocal) Wicked Witch 4'51''
Fancy Dancer (Remix) Wicked Witch 5'14''

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