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“TENEBROSO” is the newest installment of Handmade Birds’ Dark Icons Series finds William Fowler Collins exploring his darkest textures yet. Think of the best moments of Lustmord’s “Heresy” remixed by Brian Eno. Simply put, William has firmly planted his feet as the quintessential dark ambient artist. Though his career has not yet spanned the decades of the aforementioned legends, he has proven himself their contemporary, and much like the young Wes Anderson was archived properly by Criterion, we have chosen to log his work within the fold of our Dark Icons Series. Part guitar virtuoso, part visceral texture-smith, William Fowler Collins lives music, lives composition, lives sound. With previous releases on Utech and Type, it is no wonder journalists are calling William Fowler Collins a “forerunner in the field of forward thinking noise.”

William Fowler Collins: Tenebroso

Scythe William Fowler Collins 4'50''
In Valleys William Fowler Collins 9'56''
What You Are Now We Used To Be William Fowler Collins 9'34''
Tapeta Lucida William Fowler Collins 16'35''
What We Are Now You Will Be William Fowler Collins 10'16''
Devil William Fowler Collins 6'38''

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