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Inbetweens is a four song EP, released on 10 inch 45 rpm limitly pressed vinyl. These four songs are poured over the vinyl straight from the heart of Withered Hand.
Lauded by Rolling Stone, MOJO and Jarvis Cocker, Withered Hand (Dan Willson) is a member of Scotland’s mysterious Fence Collective and his brilliant debut album, Good News, continues to win fans and crop up in unlikely places (Skins, MTV). Dan has toured widely both solo and with his band since 2009, both in UK and mainland Europe and USA.

Withered Hand: Inbetweens

Inbetweens Withered Hand 3'09''
Walls Withered Hand 3'12''
Heart Heart Withered Hand 3'17''
Wonderful Lie Withered Hand 5'37''
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