Not Not Fun NNF 341 MC
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Adjacent assemblage to the Labyrinth LP, Reflections wanders six more forking paths of smeared Soviet synth, opiated percussion, and phaser fantasia across lost, liquid, looping landscapes. Here the X.Y.R. experience oozes illusion, the morass of memory, and spectral static, crescent tones glimmering against warm webs of echo and reverberated rhythm. The dark is depth; the flame flickers; continue.

Mastered by Alex Nagel. Art and design by Dieter Durinck.

X.Y.R.: Reflections

Into X.Y.R.
The Deep X.Y.R.
Vertigo X.Y.R.
Deep Diver X.Y.R.
Illusion Of Movement X.Y.R.
Labyrinth (Exit) X.Y.R.

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