Yannick Dauby & Hitoshi Kojo

La Vie Dans Les Airs & Dans Les Eaux

Substantia Innominata SUB-24
  • 10”: Ltd. to 300 copies
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Drone Records is proud to present the first ever collaboration release of these two cosmopolitan sound artists from France and Japan (residing currently in Taiwan and Belgium), based on a variety of field recordings, 'concrete' material improvisations and personal additions done in different parts of the world.

We can hear mysterious (micro)-sounds that could come from minerals, stones, plants, or daily objects and instruments - opening up two soundscaping tracks full of wondrous elements, combining the 'concrete' with the sublime and the atmospheric.. Lost in the huge network of organic entities in the 'More-Than-Human World' around us.

Yannick Dauby & Hitoshi Kojo: La Vie Dans Les Airs & Dans Les Eaux

La Vie Dans Les Airs Hitoshi Kojo & Yannick Dauby
La Vie Dans Les Eaux Hitoshi Kojo & Yannick Dauby

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