Yen Pox

Between The Horizon And The Abyss

Burning Inside Records BURNINS02
  • 2LP: Gatefold Sleeve, Milky Yellow Vinyl
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Released on cd on Malignant in 2015 First time ever released on vinyl, a corelease with Malignant in the US Limited to 500 copies worldwide on yellow and black vinyl Between the Horizon and the Abyss is one of the few releases of the past few years that has simply come as advertised.

It is a triumph of the genre and is destined to be a celebrated gem. One can only imagine that it is the lack of quantity that has provided such astounding quality on Between the Horizon and the Abyss, but with this reminder that there are still new levels to achieve, we can only hope that it isn't another 15 years of near-dormancy before another full-length surfaces.

- Heathen Harvest -

Yen Pox: Between The Horizon And The Abyss

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